Hiltop Gardens

Fairy Gardening

Join us in our newest hobby of fairy gardening! Minature gardens with climbing plants, herbs, and grouncovers are a delight for the senses.

Choose from many unique fairies, all with adorable names and faces. Lots of different decorations such as plant arbors, stone walls and pathways, furniture, garden tools add a personal touch to your garden.

It's a great hobby to share with your daughter, grandaugheter or best friend. They also make wonderfully original birthday parties and/or gifts! Check in for our fairy garden classes now offered twice a month.

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Give us a call to find out about the next fairy garden class.

They're offered twice a month!

Upcomming Classes:

April 11th 3 pm

April 26th 1 pm

June 13th 3 pm

June 21st 1 pm

July 11th 1pm

July 19th 3 pm

We offer classes twice a month.
The classes last approximately one hour.

Private Parties are available with a minimum of four (4) gardeners.

All classes are subject to change.  Please call to confirm date and time and reserve your spot.

Contact Info
phone: 303.465.2226
email: info@hilltopgardening.com

9660 N Federal Blvd.
Federal Heights, CO 80260

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